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UCSC Educational Awards Program

Operating Procedures


I. Committee Membership *

  1. The UCSC Educational Awards Committee shall consist of five (5) members selected by the UCSC and will serve a two (2) year term.
  2. Membership shall rotate on a staggered basis with nominations submitted by the UCSC.
  3. A committee member who is not able to fulfill the responsibilities of committee membership shall resign from the Committee and be replaced by another designee determined by the UCSC. The replacement will serve the remainder of the member’s term.
  4. If the Committee feels a member is not meeting the responsibilities of the Committee, it may replace that member with a 2/3 vote of the Committee. Prior to any such vote, the chair must provide a written statement to the member indicating cause for replacement.
  5. A Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected by the Committee membership at the first meeting.
  6. The Vice-Chairperson will serve as committee chair the following year.
    *Refer to Committee Bylaws, Section II.

II. Committee Meetings

  1. Committee meetings will be held as needed as determined by the Committee.
  2. At least four committee members must be present to select the recipient(s) and to conduct other committee business.
  3. The Committee chair will preside over committee meetings. The vice-chair will preside in the chair's absence.
  4. Committee members will review applications based upon essay, grades, letters, etc. and select the recipient(s). In the event of a split vote or if the Committee cannot otherwise come to a conclusion, the names will be submitted to the UCSC for determination.
  5. A letter from the Chair of the UCSC will be sent to the recipient(s).
  6. The Committee will conduct additional business relevant to the UCSC Educational Awards Program.

III. Applications

  1. Activities required for consideration of the educational award(s) will be handled by the UCSC advisor to the Committee beginning approximately 10 days prior to the first meeting.
  2. Applications will be assigned sequential numbers.
  3. Eligible applicants must be a child or legal dependent of a UTHealth full-time classified employee or of U.T. Police and must not have been a previous recipient. Children or relatives of Educational Awards Committee members are not eligible during their tenure on the Committee.
  4. The deadline for receipt of applications was June 5, 2015.
  5. When applications are received an acknowledgment will be sent to the applicant.
  6. Letter(s) of congratulations will be sent from the Chair of the UCSC to recipient(s).
  7. Applications will be prepared for review by the UCSC advisor (or secretary) of the Educational Awards Committee.
  8. A meeting agenda will be distributed with the prepared nominations to all committee members prior to the meeting(s).

IV. Selection Process

  1. Prior to the meeting, committee members will review applications giving a number ranking to each applicant of #1 through #X (X = # of nominations) with #1 being the highest.
  2. At the meeting(s), applications will be discussed then rankings will be submitted to the chair. The sum of the rankings for each candidate will be tabulated and the candidate(s) with the lowest sum will be selected by the Committee for the award(s).
  3. If a committee member is unable to attend a meeting, he/she will contact the Committee Chairperson with their rankings.

V. Tabulation

  1. The Chair will handle the tabulation of each committee member's votes and these votes will be kept confidential.
  2. All votes will be tabulated by a system of points, scale of 1-10, 1 being the highest.

VI. Selection Follow-up

  1. After the committee meeting, the UCSC Advisor will handle correspondence and arrangements for the recognition of the Educational Award recipients.
  2. Letters of congratulations to the recipient(s) will be prepared for signature by the UCSC Chair.
  3. Announcements in the Classified Information Newsletter and other publications will be arranged.
  4. Recipients will be invited to a UCSC monthly meeting or special meeting to receive the award.